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Karim Mulard-Benjelloun

Karim Mulard-Benjelloun is an independent Executive Consultant  with various companies since 2014, in the investment, organization and risk management sectors. He currently heads the Risk Management and Internal Audit department at Keyrus SA, French and International Group specialized in  consulting in digital performance and artificial intelligence.

​​Préalablement à 2014, Karim a notamment occupé les fonctions de Directeur des Opérations chez Olympia Capital Management, gestionnaire of alternative assets  in Paris and London and Mission Director within Ernst & Young France.

Karim Mulard-Benjelloun began his professional career in 1994. He holds an MBA from Rutgers, State University of New Jersey (USA) and is a graduate of Rennes School of Business.

He joined ATLAS Transition as a partner dedicated to operational excellence.

Amine Belkeziz

Amine Belkeziz held the position of Advisor to the Chairman of the OCP group from 2016 to 2018. In particular, he led a project devoted to the establishment of a financial services platform, dedicated to supporting OCP's international development and offering a wide range of services to Moroccan and international clients.

Prior to joining the OCP Group, Amine was Chairman of Hills Partners and Alhambra, two Moroccan investment companies  specialized respectively in investment banking and property management. Amine began his career with the Upline group in 1997, one of the main investment banks in Morocco, before becoming its Managing Director until 2010.

Amine obtained a Master's degree in public finance and taxation (1995) and a Master's degree in geostrategy (1994), at the University Panthéon-Assas in Paris. He also holds a master's degree in law from Mohamed V University in Rabat.

He joined ATLAS Transition as a partner dedicated to international development.


david kennedy


David began his professional career in production at Hermès. David then worked for 8 years in commercial positions (field and managerial), within the pharmaceutical industry, both in medicine (Novartis family health, etc.) and in medical-devices (BBRAUN Medical). In 2009, David made a second professional transition by integrating the world
human resources consulting: he joined Valtus Transition as Director of Business Development and remained there for 5 years.

From 2013, he articulates his daily life between commercial management missions and interventions in the consulting and training sector. At the same time, as a freelancer, David provides HR consulting services
in transition management & recruitment.


He created Atlas transition in 2016.

In 2019, David Kennedy met Emmanuel Filippi and they decided to join forces to create good&right people a year later.


Emmanuel Filippi

Emmanuel has always operated in business consulting. First in communication and marketing, particularly within the world leader, the American Omnicom, but also for independent SMEs. For more than 20 years, Emmanuel held general management positions in expert activities such as CRM, data, the web and more broadly digital.


In 2016, he decided to become a headhunter in IT - which remains one of his specialties - then broadened his intervention to all the expert and management functions of the company. It was in this context that he met David Kennedy, who introduced him to consulting
in interim management. Together, braving the epidemic and the economic crisis, they decided in March 2020 to create a new kind of consulting firm: good&right people.

In 2022, he becomes a partner of Atlas Transition.

Karim Mulard-Benjelloun

Karim Mulard-Benjelloun est Consultant Exécutif indépendant auprès de diverses entreprises depuis 2014, dans les secteurs des investissements, organisation et gestion des risques. Il dirige actuellement le département Gestion des Risques et Audit interne chez Keyrus SA, Groupe Français et international spécialisé dans le conseil en performance digitale et intelligence artificielle.

​​Préalablement à 2014, Karim a notamment occupé les fonctions de Directeur des Opérations chez Olympia Capital Management, gestionnaire d'actifs alternatifs à Paris et Londres et de Directeur de Mission au sein d’Ernst & Young France.  

Karim Mulard-Benjelloun a débuté sa carrière professionnelle en 1994. Il est titulaire d'un MBA obtenu à Rutgers, Université d'Etat du New Jersey (Etats-Unis) et est diplômé de Rennes School of Business.

Il est désormais conseil au sein de ATLAS Transition auprès de Pascale Sédès de Pellegars

Jinane Fadili

Jinane FADILI est la fondatrice de Dynamis, cabinet de conseil créé à Rabat en 2017 et dont les cœurs de métiers sont l’accompagnement au développement de la performance individuelle et collective ainsi que l’optimisation des dispositifs Ressources Humaines au sein des entreprises. Jinane a notamment exercé les fonctions de Directrice des Ressources Humaines de KPMG Maroc, rejoint en 2012. Avant KPMG, elle a accompagné en qualité de Consultante RH et 18 années de nombreux projets de restructuration auprès de divers cabinets de conseil
et organismes de formation à Paris.
Diplômée de l’Université Panthéon-Sorbonne en 1994, Jinane s’est formée notamment à l’approche systémique et à la Programmation Neurolinguistique (PNL). Au niveau formation, elle intervient sur les thématiques liées au développement des capacités managériales, de la
cohésion d’équipe et du développement des ressources humaines.

Elle est désormais conseil auprès de la direction générale.

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