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Since 2018, ATLAS Transition has supported  Moroccan companies on two themes where transition management finds its full meaning:


the strategy and the field

Whether in the private or public sector, Moroccan companies are faced with a significant "hierarchical distance" between top management and employees. In question, not the shortage of talent but the difficulty in retaining them.  This observation results in a lack of appropriation_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d of the strategy by the teams confronted with reality ground.

Middle managers are however the main lever of the deployment of corporate strategy.

This professional category aims to translate the strategic orientations of the management committee  by formulating and leading concrete and structured projects.

To obtain operational results in the very short term and in a context where once again the companies of the kingdom are faced with an exodus of talents,


"Interim management allows companies to quickly have a resource with a very experienced profile, who is not intended to stay in the company but rather to produce deliverables over a few months."


His action is not that of a classic temporary worker, positioned as an executive within the company, but as a leader who must perpetuate his action by identifying and training the teams in place. 


its actions on
strategic areas

Another stumbling block for companies in the kingdom is the imperative need to focus on their  organizational and or digital transformations  specific areas such as logistics, marketing, the customer journey and experience, etc...  while continuing to ensure daily life.


One way of guaranteeing ownership of the strategy by all sectors of the company is to have recourse to an interim manager.

"Our interim managers cultivate skills in interface management, leadership, mobilization of people and collective intelligence.

They know listen, restructure and follow deadlines. But not only !

They are  able to lead teams and motivate them to work on projects."


Behavioral skills and essential attitudes such as listening, communication or empathy  will make it possible to anticipate tensions and above all to set an example for group employees.

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