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Our client, a Moroccan subsidiary of a French ETI, 380 employees, leader in its BtoB agribusiness segment, sees its Administrative and Financial Director being totally unable to ensure the continuation of operations overnight.

In the context of an acquisition, the company sees itself obliged to have recourse to an interim manager. ATLAS Transition offers him the intervention of a FUSACQ specialized CFO in 9 days. The mission is a success. The manager manages the day-to-day, the teams and the entire acquisition process in 10 months.


A group listed on the secondary market wants to digitize all of its company's legal processes. The legal team is scattered on the European continent and there is strong resistance to change. In order to reassure the teams and to measure the degree of maturity of the teams in the digital transformation, it was decided to carry out a human and functional audit of the needs of all the business teams. In 6 months, from the diagnosis to the implementation of a process dematerialization tool and the integration of a workflow-management tool, our team was able to transform the organization with pedagogy.

Business Team

A start-up backed by an investment fund achieves its biggest fundraising. The purpose of this is to absorb the strong increase in turnover linked to the signing of two  major commercial contracts.

The fund contacts us in order to add a transitional HR manager to its participation for 6 months, capable of creating personnel and skills management by proposing a collaborator path, establishing a precise timetable for "talent review" and creating a process of involvement of local managers in improving the skills of their teams.

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